Paragraph 78

Developer: Gaijin Entertainment
Publisher: 1C

In the nearest future a crew of Special Forces` ex-members is assigned to a new important mission which becomes a unique opportunity for long retired commandos to meet their tour brothers in arms. Even more so, they still have some personal issues between them unsolved. They are still not accustomed to call each other by names, preferring old nicknames from the forces. However, time and experience change even those super pros who always stick to the indisputable and unquestionable Paragraph. It’s not just external danger they have to face at the top secret missile base where they carry out their mission, it’s also each other…


  • Different exciting missions that demand foresight, sharp wit and an ability to act as a fighter.
  • Exciting plot, a neverending fight for survival not just with human beings but also with the ones who have lost everything human.
  • Quality animation of characters that are as close as possible to the corresponding movie characters and dubbed by Paragraph 78 cast.
  • Huge choice of weapons based on really existing automatic weapons.
  • The latest technologies — Bump, Volume Light, HDR, LDR, Dynamic shadows & lights.
  • Realistic technology that lets the player feel himself in real environment where every leaf or blade sway when touched or blown by the wind.
  • Qualitative animation of characters, which seems like their prototypes in film and sounded by original actors
  • Greater open and close types of locations
  • Interesting missions where you can be an exact and brave fighter
  • A Fascinating plot, a charged atmosphere of struggle for a survival, incessant fights with people and zombies
  • Huge arsenal for destruction your enemies, recreated on really existing samples of the weapon
  • The most realistic game engine Dagor 3.0 including more technologies, like Bump, Volume Light, HDR, LDR, Dynamic shadows & lights and much more.
  • Soundtrack special recording for Paragraph 78 the game!