SPECNAZ is the abbreviation for the Russian army called “SPECialnogo NAZnacenie”, which means “special assignment”. The same name was also used for the English forces SAS or the US Delta Force. In the 1980s at the time of the “Cold War”, the western analysts used the abbreviation SPECNAZ for some special forces of the Russian military. As a result, the impression of SPECNAZ being the only comparable force with the Americans special forces, was created.

SPECNAZ is a First Person Tactical Shooter. The main characteristic features are the tactical-action model, which the game provides to the player, as well as giving him/her opportunities for the successful completion of missions without any limitations. Another importnant factor of the game is the Wolf, skills and services of which the player will be able to use within about 60% of the game.

The World.

A lot of secret Russian military bases remained on the continents after the end of the “Cold War”. They were waiting for the only command – to destroy the imperialistic enemy using nuclear power. However, as time passed, these bases became an economic and safety problem for new Russia. Latest news stating that a small Cuban base in Africa had been plundered by local inhabitants was also very disturbing. This base belonged to a network of the “Spider System”, which was established by the Soviet Union. Local armed forces managed to get the stolen material back in a few days. However, nobody had a clue about the devil that sleeps in these small titanium cases. Message of the “Cold War”. Atomic bombs.

A top secret programme “Steel Fist” was launched shortly after that. The aim of this programme was to remove the weapons and nuclear arsenal from the “Spider System”. The 8–member crew of heavy cargo aircraft IL-76 Ruslan was aksed to carry out this mission.

“We are on our way back home, the package is secure” – these were the last words of the aircraft captain. This aircraft never landed!


A small specialized team, SPECNAZ, operated in Iran at that time. The team soon found out about the programme “Steel Fist”. Its task was simple – to return the “package” to its rightful owner.


  • Specnaz Weapons
    • Primary Weapons
      • AN-94 + GP-30
      • SVD Dragunov
      • V-94
      • AS( VAL )
      • VSS Vintorez
      • OC-14-4A-03( GROZA )
      • 6P41( Pecheneg )
    • Secondary Weapons
      • Steckin – Silencer
      • GSH-18
    • Grenades
      • RGD-5
    • Explosives
      • RPG-18
      • RG-6( 6G-30 )
      • Semtex
    • CSW
      • Specnaz Shovel
      • Knife
  • Delta Force Weapons
    • M4 + M203
    • M40A1
    • MP5SD
    • M4S Experimental
    • M249-SAW
    • Barrett M82A1( Light Fifty )
    • Colt Delta Elite
    • Glock 18C Tactical
  • Enemy Weapons
    • AKSU-74
    • AK-47
    • RPK
    • CZ-700S
    • M16
    • M79
    • FAMAS
    • BA-52
    • RPG-7
    • DSK
    • Browning-M2


  • Fisrt Person Tactical Shooter
  • 39+39 military missions
  • Iran 10+10
  • Yemen 10+10
  • Afghanistan 6+6
  • Uzbekistan 4+4
  • Myanmar 9+9 (cooperation with Delta Force)
  • Weapons 21+
  • Military trained wolf (in 60% of missions)
  • Combination of action and tactics.
  • Vehicles (land, air)

    System requirements:

  • Pentium III 733 MHz
  • 128 Mb RAM
  • 16MB Graphics Card
  • 900 Mb of hard disk space
  • Windows 98 / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows XP
  • DirectX 9