Hellforces Weapons

Melee weapons
A heavy piece of pipe

Description: simple as a brick. You hit a target and it feels pain. You hit it once more and it dies. Absolutely useless at a distance more than a meter.

Baseball bat

Description: playing baseball or striking somebody’s head? No problem, what can be easier? You grab the bat and strike, same as in baseball, but using head instead of a ball…

Combat knife

Description: long, sharp, chromium blade designed specially for head-hunters, who prefer style. Of course darkened blade is more useful on night missions, but when you stab your antagonist color of the blade is not important. The color of blood is…


Description: a necessary tool for sugar-cane harvester . Easily hacks lianas, bamboo, antagonist’s legs. Long and wide blade weights about 1.5 kilos and makes some pretty cuts in the antagonist, who is not smart enough yo run away.

Butcher’s axe

Description: a professional maniacs’ favorite weapon in a “C” grade horror movies. Heavier than machete, this axe is designed for hacking bones and in this field it’s quite successful in this field.
It pierces even heavy police body armour without any problems.

Walther P99la

Description: No British secret agent is complete without a Walther P99. This gun was, of course, made famous by James Bond, and is worthy of the distinction.The P99la is one of the best allaround handguns. It’s lightweight is due to the fact that incorporates rigid plastic components, though this in no way hampers its effectiveness. Weighing only one kilogram, and able to hold 159mm rounds, makes this weapon an excellent small arms choice.

H&K; mk 23 SOCom

Description: the SOCom special operations command pistol is one of the finest handguns available. It comes with an attachable suppressor and a clip-on under-mounted laser-sight, and is used by the USSpecial Forces. This handgun is very reliable and accurate, and has a price tag to boot (price includes a silencer and a laser-sight).

Colt Python mkII

Description: this gun is powerful, reliable, and versatile revolver, favored by police, security guards, and movie stars like Clint Eastwood. This is the most powerful revolver weapon made, comparable in punch to the Desert Eagle.