The Admiral Ushakov is an old Soviet Kirov class nuclear missile cruiser which disappeared in the Barents sea 4 years ago and was believed lost at sea with all hands. It reappeared off the coast of Iceland recently and is believed to have fallen into terrorist hands and is being used to carry out some sort of research. You are a US Special Forces operative sent to investigate, and if necessary steal or destroy the research and scuttle the Kirov. The demo kicks off once you’ve made your way into the interior of the ship.

Torc Interactive and AMD have teamed up to offer gamers and enthusiasts a powerful demonstration of AMD64 64-bit gaming. Today and tomorrow’s games such as Torc Interactive’s Dreadnought demo increasingly depend on the processing power of the CPU to provide the performance for realistic world effects. AMD64 and The AMD Athlon™ 64 FX processor provide what gamers need to get realistic physics, artificial-intelligence (A.I.), character and world animations, and the advanced shadow and lighting determinations that take immersive gaming to the next level.

    The AMD64 64-bit enhanced mode of the Dreadnought demo takes advantage of the performance benefits of 64-bit by greatly extending the richness of the game content and effects, including:

  • uncompressed normal maps allowing for higher texture quality and greater detail
  • significantly higher number of particle effects (e.g. more flames, more steam, more smoke, etc.)
  • persistent decals (e.g. bullet holes stay on walls and don’t fade away over time as in 32-bit)
  • post-processing effects (e.g. screen glows)
  • more pixel shader instructions (the adrenaline vision mode is built upon and replaces the base lighting shader to produce the effect)