With over 20 enemies, 15 weapons, two character classes, Alteria boasts gameplay rarely found in the genre. Equal parts RPG and action based 3-D shooter, this game will entrall you with it’s immersive atmosphere and gameplay.

Alteria is a world that is ruled by a constant struggle between human and orc. After the dragon was slain, and the portal to the realm of endless mana closed, the vile creatures that spew forth remained, and these imps thirsted for power as well. When a band of renegade creatures accidently discovered a passageway to Hell, the forces that were unleashed were unimaginable.


  • OpenGL engine based on Quake source code.
  • 32 Bit textures.
  • Colored lighting.
  • Rotating brushes
  • Modern particle system.
  • Skyboxes.
  • Frame interpolation.
  • Concise HUD
  • Multiple Character classes.
  • Hub level design.
  • Translucent objects.
  • Hi-Poly models using Hi-Res skins
  • RPG style gameplay.
  • Non Player Characters.
  • Breakable brushes.
  • Over 20 enemies.
  • High quality sounds.
  • 3 Episodes – The Fall of Llendor / Legions of Darkness / Return to Styx
  • Quest system.
  • Many, many more….