History and Popularity of the FPS gaming Genre

First person shooter video games are the ones that involve shooting with guns and other weapons from the perspective of the first person. The first among the First person shooter video games were the Maze War and Spasim that came in the years 1973 and 1974 respectively. Maze War was an accidentally produced game by the developers in NASA who were experimenting on fluid dynamism. Whereas Spasim was developed by the scientists of the University of Illinois. However, the earliest among the most full-fledged FPS was MIDI Maze that came in 1987.

Latest First Person Shooting (FPS) Games News

  • The best CSGO M4A4 Skins has come out. They are Poseidon, Howl, Neo-Noir, The Emperor, Daybreak, Royal Paladin, Dragon King, Radiation Hazard, Hellfire, Bullet Rain
  • The best fps games of 2019 are out. The voters have voted them in the ascending orders as Hellbound: Survival Mode, Fistful of Frags, No More Room in Hell, Heroes & Generals, Survarium, Block N Load, Line of Sight, PlanetSide 2, Warface, Toxikk, Sven Co-op, Black Squad, Dirty Bomb, America's Army: Proving Grounds, Evolve Stage 2, Ironsight, Paladins, Warface, Call to Arms [the free version], Team Fortress 2, Apex Legends, Deceit, SCP: Secret Laboratory, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

New Game Releases and Reviews

  1. GTFO: This game is going to throw new surprise elements to the players at every level. The game is infested with aliens in an open world and four friends have to save the world from the aliens
  2. Due Process: This game is all set to release anytime soon this year, has a breach and clear gameplay that will shoot the hell out of you
  3. Doom Eternal: This action-packed game can be played in both multiplayer as well as a single-player mode and the date of release is yet to be announced
  4. Quake Champions: Another multiplayer game that is about to shake your world with its entry this year
  5. MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries: This mega multiplayer game is being released on September 10th.

Most Influential FPS Video Games in History

  1. Wolfenstein 3D: This game is all about the nazi prison camp named Wolfenstein from where a spy has to escape. The game came in 1992 and is still winning hearts.
  2. DOOM: This 1993 fps game has simple gameplay, some demon-like creatures have invaded the moon of mars and you have to kill them
  3. System Shock: The player has to fight an artificial intelligence named SHODAN who has started thinking himself as the god and has become indestructible.
  4. Quake: Some dimensional neighbors of the earth have arrived to destroy the earth. The aim of the game is to get rid of these monsters.

Free Games You Must Try

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Unforgettable Characters

The first-person shooter's video games genre has given birth to many unforgettable protagonists that have made their marks in our hearts.

  1. Doomguy from Doom series: Also known as Marine and Doomslayer is mostly kept unnamed in all the series but still has won our hearts
  2. Master Chief from the Halo series: His official name was Petty Officer John 117 and was a commander in the SPARTAN-II battalion
  3. Duke Nukem from Duke Nukem series: The badass hero with a street style attitude has wooed us ever since his presence in the screen
  4. William B.J. Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein series: This hero goes all the way to the Nazi camps to meet the one and only Adolf Hitler and comes back alive.
  5. Captain John Price from Call of Duty Modern Warfare series: This pricey character has got some standards to show off to his audience. No wonder he is in this list.

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