Criteria for the genre

Our definition of a "pure" First Person Shooter does not include games which are primarily:

However, we have made an effort to include some of them, games which stand out as classics or otherwise worthy of notice enough that they might have been included in our non-FPS list.

It seems there are more and more RPG's which include an FPS element and vice versa (System Shock 2, Fallout 3). They have a long parallel history going back to Strife. Usually there is plenty of fighting in them to consider them a "shooter" (since guns were never a prerequisite for that title, see below). In order to be counted here they have to fit the following profile:

Rule of thumb: is the game summed up by "Run & Gun"?

Note: We will not necessarily include In Development titles unless they are from a major studio or otherwise exhibit signs of probable completion. This goes for mods/TCs as well. Likewise, cancelled games will not remain unless they were major players majorly anticipated at the time of their cancellation, and unique (not a particular port or non-specific part of a franchise).

The inclusion of mods on is an entirely objective choice based on a) liklihood of completion b) modeling quality c) community support.