January 2004

The skies are alive with lights. People are reporting abductions, genetic experiments and possible military conspiracies. What in this world (or out of this world) is going on?

This game is all about UFO's and what the bible actually says and what the agenda of the UFO entities is.

The story begins with two Spanish priests who decide to investigate a temple complex with three basements. As they make their way through to the lowest level, they break through a door to the inner mountain. Winds begin to blow and they see the shadows of other things moving in the darkness. The priests beat a hasty retreat and wall up the doorway and fill the cellar with stone.

Dr. Alonzo has found the temple in Mexico. He has disappeared. Now Dr. Whitefield of the Fourthman Group has asked you to go and try and rescue him...

XIBALBA is the name of the Mayan underworld. When you enter into the Mayan tomb you are meeting the underwold's inhabitants.

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