Water Warfare

2009.0629 (NA)
2009.0626 (EU)
2009.0623 (JP)
Developer/Publisher: Hudson Soft
Rating: ESRB - 10+

a.k.a. Bang Bang Kids (バンバン☆キッズ Ban Ban Kizzu) (JP)

Water Warfare is a comical first-person "soaker" that uses water guns to battle and soak opponents. A map with a particular theme -- Playground, Beach, Plaza or Nature Park -- is generated automatically when the game begins, so you can think up new strategies each time you engage. Game modes include Single Player Missions, CPU Match and 2-Player Split Screen. On top of that, players with broadband Internet access can use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to battle with up to eight players from around the world, or participate in Ranking Mode.

Along with replacing firearms with water guns of several types (such as water firing machine guns, sniper rifles and rocket launchers), the game also replaces grenades with water balloons, armor with raincoats, and health bars with wet T-shirts, with health regenerated as the shirt dries in the sun or by the player picking up a towel. The water guns are refilled via drinking fountains situated around each level, with the game featuring 8 maps set amongst nature parks, beaches, playgrounds and a Venetian city.

The game features split-screen multiplayer for 2 players and online multiplayer for up to 8 players. Six multiplayer modes are featured including Battle Royale (survival), Deathmatch, Treasure Chest (capture the flag), a team-based Assault mode and Point Rally (race). The game also features a 38 mission long single player campaign, a spectator mode and bots to play against.

Like other Wii games in the genre, Water Warfare uses the pointer function of the Wii Remote to aim and the Nunchuk to move. The game also supports the Wii Zapper and Classic Controller. Unlike other wii games, the maps change every time you play it. for example, a slide that is on a hill one time you play it, would be somewhere else when you play it.

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