Vietnam War: Ho Chi Minh Trail

Developer Kungfu Studio, E-Pie Entertainment Game Page

It is the year 1970. The flames of war in Vietnam burn on years after French troops are dealt a crushing defeat. American troops, sent into harsh terrain and dense jungle, find themselves embroiled in guerrilla warfare with a cunning enemy that uses the jungle to its advantage. The Ho Chi Minh Trail, an Vietcong transport route snaking through thousands of miles of dense foliage, somehow endures the American saturation bombing campaign, and men and armaments continue to reach southern forces down this vital supply line.

You, part of a Special Forces commando team with the 101st Airborne, follow orders to go behind enemy lines on a damage assessment reconnaissance mission. In the confusion of an enemy ambush, you are separated from the group. There you find yourself in a living hell, encircled and outnumbered by the enemy, but commanders back at the base order you to hold out at all costs and be the last one to evacuate. But you're not entirely alone: boys of the artillery brigade and fighter squadrons are right behind you with the devastating ground and air support your temporary holdout needs. UH1 helicopters swoop in and feed you the ammo you need, so watch their backs, protect this lifeline of yours, and try to stay alive until you can get the hell out of there. When you're not too busy blowing away the enemy with your pistol, M-16 rifle, mini-gun, or mortar, call in howitzer bombardments, and napalm strikes! Good luck, Soldier!

You are separated from your main group of special forces soldiers, but you are not alone. However, you are surrounded. With your trusty radio, and a full arsenal of weapons including a Vulcan cannon, a mortar, your M-16 (with sniper scope), and RPG launcher, you will hold back wave after wave of Vietnamese forces intending to overrun your tiny position. However, it will not be easy, as they will enjoy the help of MiG-21's and even the occasional bombers, as well as plenty of RPGs and lots of human wave attacks. You, on the other hand, can call upon the firepower of howitzer batteries and even some friendly napalm drops, and when available a chopper that drops additional ammo for your fight. How long can you survive?