The Unseelie


An unsuspecting driver smashes into a tree while trying to avoid what appears to be a child in his path. Upon awakening he is led to an ancient forest that is later revealed to be "Tir-Na-Bràch-Marbh" (Land of the Eternal Death). Its supernatural limbs and roots have engulfed a 17th century Irish village, severing its contact with the rest of the world and slowing time to a crawl. The outsider learns that in order to return home, he will have to battle "The Unseelie" (pronounced "Un SHEE Lee"), the accursed and unblessed of the fairy race of Celtic myth. With the defeat of each demon lord he will obtain one of seven Celtic elements that will eventually allow him to escape the clutches of Finvarra, the King of the Dead.


The action remains engaging through suspenseful adventure elements and unpredictable combat scenarios. Melee combat in first-person perspective keeps its appeal with wide-ranging protagonist and enemy attack patterns. Fighting automatically increases in complexity, variety and speed with each advance. Through courage and cunning the player must unravel the illusory designs and deceptive puzzles of The Unseelie. Health in the form of manna and ammunition based on the seven elements are found throughout the levels and left behind by slain enemies.

Feature List

"The Unseelie is a great game to work with because of the way it uniquely combines Celtic mythos with popular first-person gameplay," said Lloyd Melnick, Co-Founder of Octagon. "We are not seeing any other game in development that offers this type of character development and symbolism."

"We used all of the visually stunning rendering techniques of our engine and combined them with the sinister forest setting of Celtic legend and some engaging game play design to make something that makes you want to play but keeps you looking over your shoulder," explained Steve Woodgate, KaWoW! CEO. "We're pleased Octagon saw the potential of the concept and look forward to working with them on The Unseelie."