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Clive Barker, the Hellraiser best known for his numerous novels and that cinematic icon by the name of Pinhead, tries his hand at game conceptualization with Undying. Set in 1920ís Ireland, youíll gaze through the eyes of Patrick Galloway, sent to rid Jeremiahís estate of a family curse. Scouring the grounds and surrounding countryside, Patrick will face a slew of ghoulish enemies, including the phantom crew of Jeremiahís undead siblings. Based on a highly modified Unreal Tournament Engine, Undying features ten environments, sixteen spells and an arsenal of eight weapons, including Molotov Cocktails, the chilling Tibetan War Cannon, and a rusty scythe. Gotta love a game with worn-down farm implements of death. As Patrick youíll fire your guns with your left hand and cast spells with your right in impressive John Woo-esque two-fisted fashion.

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