1968 Tunnel Rats

Developer: Replay Studios
Publisher: Boll AG
Distributor: Valve Corporation

Tunnel Rats is a tie in for the Uwe Boll film 1968 Tunnel Rats. The game has you disarming booby traps, collecting ears from fallen enemies and collecting dog tags from fellow deceased soldiers. According to an interview with Uwe Boll, the game was meant to be released on the Xbox 360, but due to unknown reasons was never released. Along with this, the game has never had an official retail release, and the only digital distribution store that offers the game is Steam. The story takes place after the movies events as you attempt to find the original crew from the film.

You are an American soldier in the Vietnam War on a search and rescue mission before your helicopter is shot down in enemy territory. Your character awakes to find everybody around him from Vietcong to American soldiers dead. From then on, there's little to no interaction with NPCs. The game chooses instead to revolve around the main characters inner monologue about his past. The game ends with the implication that your character was firebombed.


The reaction was overly negative with a 30 on Metacritic from seven reviewers. Gamespot claimed the voice acting was inconsistent and clumsy, along with the trap finding mechanic to be "frustrating". IGN said the ironsights were negligible due to the accuracy of the gun and commented that the game wasn't clear on where to find your next objectives.

Tunnel Rats is a dark and intense single-player shooter for PC that depicts the horrific realities of the Vietnam War as seen through the eyes of a young US soldier.

As member of a “Tunnel Rats” squad, the player is trained to clearing out the huge tunnel systems underneath the jungle of Vietnam. After all of his mates got killed in an ambush, the young GI finds himself all alone, fighting against the Vietcong, their deadly traps and his growing inner madness...

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