A year after the events of "The Lost World," the Site B Island lies in ruins. InGen's dream of reviving the dinosaurs is dead. John Hammond publishes a memoir, a history of the InGen Corporation, but no one is quite sure whether to believe it. The island is half news story, half urban legend.

In a freak accident, your plane crashes in the waters near Costa Rica. You awaken on a beautiful sandy beach, on a tropical island. But you are beginning to realize this island is not what it seems - the accident that brought down InGen preserved the island. It holds danger, but it also holds secrets about the past.

Trespasser™ is the evolution of 3D first-person gaming. It features real-world outdoor environments, combined with detailed interiors. The physics-based gameplay gives you the freedom to do things the way you want. Although there are clear, linear goals and objectives, each player's experience will be different from the next. Here are some examples of typical situations you will experience as you play Trespasser!

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