They're Alive

Developer/Publisher: Orion Games

Originally titled Патриот (Patriot)

The capital of Russia, Moscow, becomes not only political, financial and cultural center of the country but also the abode of all debaucheries and vices one could ever imagine!

You are a simple provincial engineer eager to change his worthless life. What could be a better place to start everything anew than Moscow where everyone can find some way to earn for a living?

But things there are not as easy as you thought… It starts with magical goggles and aliens and ends with stirring patriotism that will rally the country and drive out all unwelcome invaders!

It is the world of Steam Slug, the world where at the end of XIX century history followed an alternative path and machines rose against the mankind. Smoking monsters with human brains encased in brass ‘n’ glass roam devastated cities. The skies are blackened with mechanical creatures, the streets are plagued with steam and blood. There is no place to go, the machines are everywhere and the only way of survival for you and for the mankind is to fight rogue engines and find the ultimate evil behind their creation – mysterious Mephistopheles.

Moscow - the capital of our country. It is here that concentrated all imaginable and unimaginable fun, debauchery and other human vices, and it is here originate all financial crises. And you - simple engineer from the provinces, who decided to start from scratch your worthless life and came to work in the capital. And then - so ... magic glasses, aliens and awakened patriotism, giving power to a new breakthrough, which is sure to raise the country from his knees and went home uninvited invaders!

  • captivating story on the verge of reality and the absurd;
  • Sea of ​​humor, banter and the possibility to get even with the hated Philistines;
  • a variety of weapons (car Glushak - complete!)
  • life situations, no censorship and restrictions;
  • not recommended for minors, people with psychiatric disabilities and pregnant women!

  • Enticing story balancing between reason and nonsense;
  • A lot of original humor, jokes and means to become even with odious townies;
  • Multiple weapons (including car muffler!);
  • Real-life experience without any censorship!

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