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Developer: Raven Games Game PageCompany Page
Publisher: Origin

Morph at Will. Each of your six metaforms (feline, floating eye, gremlin, frogman, flame lizard and terramental) unleashes new powers and reveals new weaknesses. Fascinating shapeshifting technology morphs you from human to metaform and back before your eyes. Replay the adventure in a number of different ways, based on the morphform you select at any given time. The Pace Never Falters. Fly, swim and run indoors and out, through dungeons, caverns, castles, mines, volcanoes and underwater caves. Immerse yourself in combat and puzzles - no mapping, spell memorization or anything that might slow the breakneck speed of this surging adventure. A PC classic best-seller game. Documentation on CDROM. Runs in DOS Mode, Windows 95 DOS Mode, Windows 98 DOS Mode. *** WILL NOT WORK ON WINDOWS 2000 or XP ***

ShadowCaster was done in 1992-1993. We started off doing it for EA and it was to be Black Crypt II. After we had the game designed, EA bought Origin and felt that we should take advantage of the Ultima World and make it some type of Ultima game. We started to turn it into an anti-Paladin Ultima game. Then it was decided that perhaps we should make it into a Bard's Tale spin-off. But that too fell by the wayside, and finally we came up with the idea of morphing a character into different types of creatures that had different abilities. We licensed a pre-Doom engine from id and we were underway with ShadowCaster. I must add that I really loved the concept for ShadowCaster, but hated the story and the name, and wish I could go back and redo it!
ShadowCaster is the basis for one of the cheat codes in the original Hexen. If you type shadowcaster and the numbers 0, 1, or 2, you can "transform" into one of the other classes in Hexen. This cheat is a play on words regarding the shapechanging abilities of the main character in ShadowCaster.

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