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Developer: Gumpanela Entertainment

You're tired of the hum-drum shoot-the-enemies multiplayer games. Technically there are objectives to do, and the game advertises "Cooperative Multiplayer Objectives," but you're just not seeing it. It's nice that you have a headphone mike, but does anyone really coordinate? Of course not. Don't you wish you could be in charge and boss these chumps around? Most definitely.

You're getting bored playing God in the most recent RTS. Sure, it's fun ordering around your mindless drones, but you feel it's lacking a sense of realism. These troops are just rushing into battle without complaint or inquiry. And the fact your marines keep getting stuck trying to navigate a narrow valley is driving you crazy! You could do a lot better, if only you were the one down on the ground.

Refusion will combine two big genres, RTS and FPS, in such a way that massive numbers of players pit themselves against one another in huge planet-wide battles. Objectives, AI units and other functions will be managed by "Masters," strategy game-style. It's the genre mash-up that gamers have been dreaming of!

Refusion is a real-time strategy and first-person shooter game designed for the PC. It is set in the future and is about a fictional war between Human race and the fictional race the Skoroman. Both sides are driven to fulfill an age old prophecy, and in doing so find themselves at loggerheads with each other. A player will be able to choose either team, and fight across land, sea and air in first person as a Fighter, or construct bases, research new technology and organize Fighters as a Master.

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Arcade Trainer (368 MB exe)
Arcade Trainer (368 MB air)