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Realm Wars

Realm Wars is a community project that is currently being developed with the use of the popular Torque Game Engine available from GarageGames.

The game itself is a fantasy themed first person style action game that emphasises massive team combat on an epic scale. Players can choose a race, customize your abilities and your appearance with an impressive array of weapons, armor and items -- then prepare for battle!

Become a master of ranged or close quarters weapons as you join into a vast world of simple team based skirmishes, controlled battles, or epic wars.

Who is Developing It?

Realm Wars is being developed by a group of volunteers who are some of the most talented individuals within the GarageGames community. Many of the core contributors to the project are experts in their field and have under their belts numerous shipped software projects.

Additional contribution is provided by any intersted parties from within the GarageGames community (the community project), this allows people to participate in the project as they see fit without impacting signifigantly on its development.

When Will Realm Wars Be Finished?

It is difficult for us to guage when we will be done Realm Wars due to the finite resources that can be put toward it, so we are unsure at this time exactly when the project will be ready. We do provide public builds of the project that you can freely download and use though.

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