Project EX.US

Project EX.US is a first person shooter set in a sci-fi world where you will be requested to play as ATHER, leader of K-02 troops, one of the most dreadful alien races, the Krhonim fled from their home planet because of a crushing epidemic, the Krhohim will find themselves wandering in space with limited resources and expectations but a faint hope on the horizon approaches. A PC game developed through EPIC Unreal Engine, EX.US itself has the distinctive features that make it a game for hardcore gamers, from solid mouse and great keyboard control.The complex plot line and the attractive graphic will guide you through complicated clashes and epic battles, you will face political intrigues and hard choices, a trip in suffering, in uneasiness and in neuroses of a dying population, ready to do anything to rise again.

Here you will find the background of the story. The game will be made of 8 levels, in the final version, with different environments: from an icy planet you will pass to alien planets with both urban and natural environments, as well as locations and fights in space.For all levels we have chosen to create very large locations, giving great freedom of movement for the player.

Exus is costantly work in progress and far from complete: at present we are completing the first part of the first level (ideally divided into three big locations).

Right now we have decided to release the material and to present ourselves in order to get feedback from the community, conscious that some aspects are still immature.Soon an alpha version will be ready and will be released privately to a small number of people who request it and later probably a beta entire first level.

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