Project Blackout

Publisher: SG Interactive

Project Blackout is an online tactical first-person shooter developed by Zepetto, a South Korean company. There are two background stories. Point Blank is an alternate background used with the international version of the game.

The nation of Korogese is crumbling. Although a technologically-advanced industrial world power, its government is weak, ineffective, corrupt, and divided along sectarian lines. Its swelling decaying cities are ruled by powerful criminal gangs. Its corporations have a great deal of influence over its democratically-elected government and the gap between rich and poor is increasing. Prosperity and a recent era of global peace has made its citizens willing to trade their rights for comfort and security.

The corporations have the view that they know what is best. They hope to create a social utopia in which free market forces will control society and the political system will be reduced to figureheads. One part of this goal was to replace The Corps, Korogese's volunteer and conscript defense forces, with a corporate-trained-and-controlled paramilitary mercenary army called Aegis Incorporated. With the support of anti-military and anti-war activist groups financed by the corporations, the government disbanded The Corps and handed over its facilities and equipment to Aegis Inc. This was followed by a series of laws restricting personal freedoms that were supposedly enacted to combat the rising crime rate but were really created to aid in controlling Korogese's citizenry.

A large faction within The Corps went underground and hopes to overthrow the corporate-run oligarchy that runs Korogese and replace it with a true democracy. Through support from civilian anti-corporation groups, funding from wealthy patrons, and black market connections in the criminal underworld The Corps built up an impressive and well-armed underground army. They plan to wear down Aegis with a guerilla war campaign, strike at the corporate leadership cabal that runs the oligarchy, and eliminate any civilian collaborators and traitors who support them.

The player will have to choose between the sides. Aegis Inc. (the Blue Team) supports law and order, but represents tyranny and oppression. The Corps (the Red Team) supports democracy and freedom, but represents indescriminate violence and anarchy. The side that survives the conflict will impose their social views on the masses.

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