Point Blank

Engine: ICube

Point Blank is an online tactical first-person shooter developed by Zepetto, a South Korean company. The North American version is called Project Blackout.


Point Blank is a fast paced online first-person shooter, which is very similar in terms of gameplay to Counter-Strike. In Point Blank, players join either the Free Rebels or CT-Force team (the Free Rebels is based on the Terrorists from Counter-Strike, while CT-Force is based on the Counter-Terrorists). Each team attempts to complete their mission objective and/or eliminate the opposing team. Each round starts with the two teams spawning simultaneously, usually at opposite ends of the map from each other.

A player can choose to play as one of four different default character models (Acid Pool and Keen Eyes for CT-Force and Red Bulls and Tarantula for the Free Rebels). There are four purchasable deluxe character models: Leopard and Hide for CT-Force or D-Fox and Red Viper for the Free Rebels. Players are generally given a few seconds before the round begins or before the respawning to change the weapons and/or equipment.

Game points are awarded for winning a round, losing a round, killing an enemy, making a headshot, and killing other team's players in a row, etc.


There are two background stories. Project Blackout is an alternate background used with the North American version of the game.

Point Blank

In the mid-20th century, the new nation of Koroga was a developing country. It grew rapidly and in less than twenty years became one of the most powerful nations in the world. During the rapid growth, the country had to face industrialisation, growth in individualism and a dwindling population. When several national policies to increase the population failed, the government turned to immigration for the answer. The nation enjoyed the cheap labour and increases in population; however, there are now increasing conflicts between the natives and the new immigrants. The natives enjoy the prosperity the immigrants bring, but treat them as a servant class with few rights and no legal or political representation. The immigrants have tried to use passive means to express theur grievances and gain influence with the more liberal-thinking natives, but government oppression has made it impossible. The hieghtened tensions have forced the natives to crack down on immigrant unrest and in turn has encoraged the immigrants to support the more radical political groups. The increasing conflict of interest caused to divide people between the native CT-Force (Blue Team) and the immigrant Free Rebels (Red Team).

The CT-Force's mission is to protect the native social order and its privileges. To this end, it has declared an all-out war against the militant Free Rebels. Meanwhile the Free Rebels have been trying to overthrow the establishment. Some wish to force the government to recognise their demands, some want to replace it with a different form of government or a more diverse social order, while others just want to destroy it utterly.


Point Blank was originally developed by South Korean software company Zepetto, who licensed the game to other companies. It has been launched in South Korea (published by NCSoft in March 2008), Thailand (published by NCTrue, Feb. 2009), Indonesia (published by PT. Kreon, Jul. 2009), Russia (by INNOVA, Jan. 2010) and Brazil (published by OnGame, Aug. 2010). It will soon launch in China (by Shanda in 4th Qt., 2010), North America (December, 2010), Turkey (by Nfinity games in August, 2010) and Italy (by Accelon Italy in April, 2011).

Each local edition has different weapons, skins, and options to meet local tastes. For instance, the North American variant has a different backstory and is called Project Blackout. The available weapons lists are different for each version and developers add or drop weapons depending on popularity.

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