Developer: Acony

Parabellum draws the player into a likely scenario of nuclear terror in New York City. An extremist group known as "Black November" is holding the entire city hostage by threatening to detonate a thermonuclear bomb. Their condition is the withdrawal of all United States military forces from the middle east. If this condition will not be fulfilled within 10 days, Black November will detonate the 20 Megaton nuclear warhead. According to intelligence information, the bomb could be hidden almost anywhere in NYC.

A withdrawal of U.S. forces seems unacceptable to the U.S. government. While officially pretending to fulfill the conditions of Black November, the Special Forces Operation Detachment Delta is sent to counter the new threat. SFOD-Delta is an elite counter-terrorism unit, among the best of the world. Their mission is to find all hostiles and to disable the nuclear bomb before it eliminates New York City.

Parabellum is a Strategy First Person Shooter (SFPS) focused on urban warfare in the biggest Multiplayer Environment ever created. A whole city is waiting to be conquered in a giant multiplayer campaign. Parabellum offers intense round based action with tactical and strategic depth, and is designed for 5 players per team, which is easy managable, and therefore the most popular clan size.


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