donated by Keisar Betancourt

Operation 7


Siegburg, Germany, July 24, 2011 --( German publisher FIAA is introducing new Operation7 features with its 34th contents update. Firstly a new map “Ballistic” is waiting for the soldiers. In this map, the players are asked to join a night operation. Due to the restricted visibility in the low light environment, it will provide a unique gaming experience than the usual battles.

Secondly, two new weapons are on the way. The well-known Beretta product ARX-160 assault rifle is expecting new owners. MNP45, the Smith & Wesson’s 45 caliber pistol is also available.

Thirdly, the Colombian Army suit and backpack are new in the shop. The new warfare suit benefits the character with extra EXP and Gold. And the backpack fits the look with the uniform in the woodland pattern.

Finally the contents update brings the 3 new weapon parts. From the silver Lottery box, players can acquire SCAR-H / SCAR-L / SCAR’s common parts with any luck.



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