Old Gold 3D

Publisher: NewCom (RU)

The story is simple: An excavation site released evil forces and you're the one to stop them. It's your typical first person shooter where you pick up a gun/magic wand, collect gold and try to find the exit while some doors can only be opened with the right key..

What sounds easy and natural for most games is quite a challenge here. Your character is bobbing like a drunk russian from left to right, moving is hard let alone aiming and shooting. Fortunately the projectiles of the enemies are moving with the speed of a sleeping snail so it's not posing much of a threat. Despite the horrible game mechanics the graphics have been outdated at least two years when the game came out. Oh and do yourself a favor .. turn down the volume - there's nothing to hear except a constand beeping and effects ready to insult your sound system (and probably you'll just end up with Tinitus)

The game has three successors: "Dungeons of Kremlin"(1995), "Smuta"(1997) and Raising Dead(2000). It's all shareware, I really doubt there are retail versions around and if even if there are any - you probably don't want them..

To find a download for the shareware can be hard too due to the age and low degree of popularity. If you're one of the guys who play just every game that's in first person view or if you are just some crazy random collector or if you dropped out of art-shool and you're feeling bored with life: play this.