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(Q1 2003)
Developer: LK Avalon
Publisher: City Interactive

Enter the World of Specialized Warfare with Guns Blazing and Enemies Primed for Battle.

You are NINA, a highly trained army of one. Infiltrate international hot spots to eliminate the deadly terrorist threat and accomplish your covert mission

New action-adventure game Nina: Agent Chronicles is a unique combination of brainpower and firepower - a game where completing tasks and solving puzzles is just as vital as eliminating your opponents!

Played by top Polish model Iza Czarnecka, Nina has been enlisted by an anti-terrorist organisation because of her paranormal ability to take over the minds of other people. Facing many puzzles and tasks, you must guide Nina on her absorbing missions which centre on a whole city hidden in the mountains of Afghanistan.

With this absorbing title, problem solving, combat tactics and making best use of available weaponry is more important than just being quick on the draw


Demo (312 Mb)

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  • http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/nina-the-agent-chronicles/