Developer: Visionary
Publisher: Hasbro Interactive

Nerf ArenaBlast for the first time gives people who like the arcade action in first-person shooters but not the gratuitous violence a chance to enjoy the same kind of pleasurable play experience. It's based on the same engine as Unreal Tournament, but nobody gets killed; instead, when their health-points fall to zero, they are swiftly teleported away, and restart in a different part of the arena, without any special weapons or enhancements they had picked up.

Choose from three types of gameplay options: Point Blast, Speed Blast and Ball Blast. Point Blast is a ten-minute competition like the traditional first-person shooter deathmatch, except that in addition to being awarded points for knocking others out of the competition, you may also rack up points by hitting certain scoring targets. Speed Blast is a race among the players to tag seven flags in the proper order within an arena while overcoming obstacles and surviving opponent onslaughts. Ball Blast is the most complex and potentially the most fun of the three: While knocking out opponents, you gain vital points by shooting seven colored balls into designated targets throughout the arena, and the competition ends when someone has shot all seven through any of the goals.

Demo (21.7 Mb)
Patch 1.0 > 1.2 (11.3 Mb)
Patch 1.1 > 1.2 (4.06 Mb)
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