Developer: Mirage Interactive (and Corwin Software Studios)
Publisher: HD Interactive (and Interplay)
Levels: 21+10 (single and multiplayer)

Mortyr: 2093-1944 is a first person 3D shoot'em up thet puts you in the role of a renegade mercenary from the future, sent back to the pivotal days of World War II on a dangerous and unorthodox mission to change history forever.
Enter General Jurgen Mortyr, member of the Nazi Advanced Weapons Project. He believes the Germans are responsible for the approaching apocalypse - and his suspicions are confirmed when he uncovers a top-secret time machine - from 1944.

Realizing there's only one way to avoid Armageddon, the General recruits his son Sebastian to return to WWII. Now it's up to you, Sebastian Mortyr, to stop the Nazis and correct the tides of time.

Gameplay is the god

Your mysterious objective is heavily defended; your enemy is smart and well equipped. You can be sure they're not going to let you near without a fight. Somebody's going to get hurt, but the future of modern civilisation... and it's past rests in your hands. It's up to you to give the enemy a history lesson they won't forget, the old fashioned way...


Minimum Specifications:
  • Pentium II 233
  • 32 MB RAM
  • SVGA 4MB
  • Direct 3D

    Recommended Specifications:

  • Pentium II 300
  • 64 MB RAM
  • SVGA 8MB
  • Direct 3D

    Keyboard Layout

    Concept Art