(Nov 2004)
Developer: Mirage Interactive
Publisher: Redback
Levels: 11+4 (single and multiplayer)

Mortyr 2 is a sequel to one of the most significant games of the nineties. Mortyr is not only a well-recognized trademark in the games industry worldwide. The original Mortyr game was a first modern technology shooter set during World War 2 and has been followed by a series of highly successful games utilizing the similar idea. The original Mortyr™ is still on shelves despite it's five years history and there are new and new localizations.
Sven Mortyr is a British Intelligence agent working undercover on the territory of the occupied Scandinavia during World War 2. During one of the missions le learns that his father, a well known physicist, has been kidnapped by Nazis...
Recommended hardware: 256 MB RAM PIII class processor, 800 Mhz, 3D accelerated graphics card of GeForce 2 class, 3D sound card