donated by Keisar Betancourt

Developer: 2015
Publisher: Valusoft

The sights and sounds of laser tag make their way to the PC. Running on a modified Quake I engine, Laser Arena pits you against the computer or other players online or across a LAN in 15 multilevel environments. Play to multiple game types like Domination, Duel and Free-For-All.

The fun of laser tag is now yours to enjoy wherever and whenever you desire. This non-violent game throws players into arenas using lasers to 'tag' opponents out. None of the gore, all of the fun! The object is simple...tag or be tagged. Can you handle it? Fifteen stunning multilevel environments serve as futuristic playgrounds for your laser tag matches. Look, listen, anticipate, then attack! A real player's best weapon is his mind...and a quick trigger finger.

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