Developer: Burut
Publisher: Russobit-M

Spaceship "Aspero" with one of the Legionnaires aboard during a transient skirmish found itself in a "black hole" in the Cosmos. "Black hole" is a place where all technical equipment breaks. After inquiry from the main computer, the navigator of "Aspero" elucidated that in this place another Terran spacecraft recently disappeared, it was the heavy cruiser "Hegemony". And also he received information about extraterrestrial SOS signals, which have been sent from this region during all history of space flights. Not only Earth civilization has suffered from this damned place.

Player will meet with representatives of different civilizations, which are also prisoners of this cosmic trap, to help alive members of the crew of the "Aspero" to get out from here, to meet with other people, and with soldiers of the "Hegemony" which found themselves in the "black hole" for such a long time, that some of them practically lost their human appearance and healthy mind.

In the end of game the Legionnaire must collide with the civilization which is guilty of creating this space prison and learn their nature, to understand what was the reason for the creation of this "black hole".



Demo (198 Mb)