Developer/Publisher: Skyline Software
Engine: Pie in the Sky

Infiltration is a classic FPS where the player has to infiltrate the Umbra Corporation to find and steal a mainframe disk and also try to find out what happened to another agent who was sent in before, the game is set over 29 levels but there is only a two level demo available for download, the pages relating to the game have not been updated recently but the author doesn't confirm the game has been shelved, there are plenty of screenshots to suggest there is a lot more of this game than the 2 demo levels.

The game is played from the First Person perspective which means that you view from the eyes of the character. If you come to a door/gate that can be opened with a keycard you will be alerted to which keycard you need by an audible sound and graphic of the keycard when you bump the door/gate, if a door has the blast proof symbol on it or if a gate is painted red you can only open it with the required keycard, all locked doors require keycards or explosives to open them but some gates can be opened by switches, these gates do not show which keycard is required and differ from keycard gates by being flat along the top.

You are special agent Brown who works for a little known Government department that is responsible for cleaning up the less desirable elements of society, for this mission the target is the Umbra Corporation who have many illegal operations going on behind the seemingly innocent facade of being a shipping corporation. Most of their buildings are just for show, from the outside they look like any normal business premises but behind the facades there is a labyrinth of stores, tunnels and underground factories, we have even heard of a barracks where they train their security personnel although we have no concrete evidence of this.

Umbra, although confident don't like to take any uneccessary risks so all employees live in appartments provided by the company which are protected by armed security personnel, we had got an agent onto the payroll but we have not heard from him for three days, agent French joined Umbra as a loader and worked in the railroad shipping department, he was living in an appartment close to the railroad and was able to get some good information to us, we have photos of some store rooms and warehouses, and information about the shipping activities which seem to be mostly carried out at night, he was also able to tell us that Umbra are buying up a lot of vacant buildings including Hotels, Dockyards for obvious reasons and even an old Prison.

Unfortunately we have lost contact with agent French and need to know what is going on, as he was undercover as an employee he went in unarmed and we fear for his safety and must assume that he has been discovered, it would take too long to get another man on the inside and if they have discovered who agent French is it will not be so easy to deceive them again. This is where you come in, you will have to go in armed and try and get evidence of their criminal activities so we can close them down for good, in one of his last messages agent French told us of a mainframe computer that they use to run the corporation, you are to go in and steal the hard disk from this computer and bring it to us for analysis, also try and find out what happened to agent French. You will be dropped by helicopter outside of their Mainway warehouse as this seems to be the easiest way to get into their shady world, once inside you will have to use all your skill and cunning to stay alive and find the evidence we require, expect strong resistance, good luck!

    Umbra n. (Um-bra) -pl. Umbras or Umbrae [Latin - Shadow]
  1. A dark area, especially the blackest part of a shadow from which all light is cut off
  2. The completely dark portion of the shadow cast by the earth, moon or other body during an eclipse.
  3. The darkest part of a sunspot.

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