Developer: Gearbox Software

Based on the Michael Mann movie Heat, the popular film is being transformed into a videogame.

Feature film and television studio Regency Enterprises has enlisted Brothers In Arms developer Gearbox Software to create a videogame sequel to Michael Mann's action heist film, Heat. Hollywood game studio Titan Productions is producing the game for Regency and working closely with Gearbox and key talent from the film.

The next generation first-person shooter heist game will ship in late 2007. Heat will bring the film's famous use of style and action to a hyper-realistic video game where you go on or off-line to step into the shoes of a master criminal or the officers who are committed to stop them.

Michael Mann is expected to oversee the game's story, which will expand that of the film. Titan is in talks with key talent from the film, including Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino, to become involved in the game project.