Glorious Mission (光荣使命)

Developer: Giant Interactive Group

Glorious Mission's main focus is to train soldiers in combat skills and technological awareness. The series is mainly focusing on the fight between Japan and China over a group of islands whose sovereignty is disputed by the Chinese and Japanese governments, known as the Senkaku Islands in Japan and the Diaoyu Islands in China.

There is also an update, which gives players a chance to battle on the Diaoyu Islands. The update will be released on Armed Forces day in China to coincide with the 86th anniversary of the formation of the People's Liberation Army, who founded the title.

Glorious Mission has been used to recruit potential soldiers for the People's Liberation Army as well as train and educate current PLA combat troops. Using video games as a recruiting tool is a well-established theme of video game development, such as with the United States Army and its 2002 video game, America's Army. Like its American counterpart, Glorious Mission accurately recreates the details of firearms, uniforms and vehicles used by the People's Liberation Army. It also leaves itself open to criticism that it trivializes the damage of combat and targets the most impressionable section of society.

There are two versions of the game: a public release version for online service, and a military version which include eight single play campaign and multiplayer mode used by the People's Liberation Army for the recreation of servicemen in their spare time; and this version is can purchase too. Game file is free, but need to buy activation code.

Glorious Mission is quite similar to popular American first-person shooters such as the Call of Duty series, allowing gamers to make their way through basic training before being deployed in a number of combat missions. The game is divided into three parts including basic training, individual soldier's task and squad/team confrontation. The game, which features PLA weaponry and realistic battle scenarios, took 32 months to complete. The levels in Glorious Mission are varied and full of scripted events — plane flyovers, big explosions, etc. — but the game shunts players down narrow corridors without giving them any freedom to approach situations tactically. In the game’s first level, after a brief amphibious landing, players follow a more or less direct line through narrow trenches. In another level, after some stationary sniping, players are pushed through a narrow cave. In still another, players work their way up a fenced path.

The game became quite popular in China, which is home to the world’s largest internet market by number of users. It has more than 300 million online gamers, according to government statistics. China’s online game market was worth 8.5 billion Yuan ($1, 31 billion) in the first quarter. One of the common complaints towards the game is that players need to pay in order to download the game online.

Russian media outlets have reported that the enemies within the game most closely resemble soldiers of the United States; in response, a Chinese Ministry of Defense spokesman stated that the game's development are not directed against any particular country, and suggests that the media refrains from excessive speculation and interpretation.

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