Alex Carver: Futurebrighter

Developer: Heaven X Company Page

Futurebrighter is a FPP action shooter game taking place on unknown frontiers of a distant universe. The player takes the role of a convicted anti-hero Alex Carver, who performs various missions challenging both reflexs and tactical skills. There will be an opportunity to execute missions in a few different environmental locations, such as interstellar prison ship and surface of mystery planet ruled by demagoging dicatator. Very often the success of a mission will depend on tactics, reflexs and use of enemy premises and vehicles.

The player is armed with a massive arsenal including pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns, plasma rifles and rocket launchers. Our hero is also given Implants, which can improve character's parameters (like accuracy, health, or speed), and Equipment, which includes flashlights, radar, sonar, med-kits, drugs (stimulators), various explosives & grenades, and other non-firing weapons, which can be used during missions.