Publisher: Freeze Interactive
Developer: Digital Reality

Following a pusc intended to destabilise Fidel Castro, Cuba is torn and a civil war threatens to break out at any moment, pitting Castro’s army against the guerrillas of the Cuban branch of the Shining Path.

Once the rebels are well on their way to overturning the government and achieving their goals, they threaten to launch two long range missiles, vestiges of the Cold War, at a southern US city if the US does not heed their demands to lift the embargo and recognise their movement as the new, legitimate power of the Cuban people.

Faced with this sudden crisis that could result in the mobilisation of the regular army, the Pentagon decides to fund the capture of the leader of the local cell of the Shining Path by the elite SOG. However once the SOG is in place they discover that the limits of the conflict could extend much further…

Field Ops is the perfect mix between strategy and fast paced military action. Move into the fascinating world of anti-terrorism and manage every aspect of the gameplay, from strategic planning to taking out the main bad guy with your sniper rifle.

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