| donated by: Keisar Betancourt

Eight Legged Freaks

Developer / Publisher: Warner Bros.

This game is a Shockwave FPS, created as promotion for the Eight Legged Freaks movie. You can either play as Chris or Sam, the male and female characters from the movie, and your task is to bring the Spider invasion of your city to a halt.

To help you along the way you have a choice of four weapons and various power-ups and ammo. Eight Legged Freaks also includes various useful features such as the map function.

Download It! (6.18 Mb)
Download It! (6.58 Mb)

Quake 3 Jumper Model (3.41 Mb), (3.63 Mb) / Spitter Model (3.2 Mb), (3.42 Mb) / Tarantula Model (3.91 Mb), (4.13 Mb)
Unreal Tournament Models (2.64 Mb), (2.5 Mb)