Play the game as a native American warrior, possessing powers only known to the Great Spirit, or a crazed, bloodthirsty, zombie warrior with abilities to wake the dead and tame the wild beasts that once roamed free. This game offers Team Death matches, Capture the Scalp, and Horde Modes. Or play the campaign to start harnessing the power of the "spirit world" and begin an epic battle with the ghosts of your ancestors to become the most powerful warrior among your tribe!


A psychedelic and twisted version of the native american spirit world in a history that predates the American civil war. The western frontier at this time is still mainly inhabited by the native tribes of north America. However the game finds itself all over an upside-down, inside-out version of that land.


The Great Spirit has become sick and can no longer contain the dead that inhabit the spirit world. Zombie war parties climb out from the earth of ancient battlefields to hunt and ravage all things living. Posessed ancestral spirits fall from the night sky and ride zombie animals as there mounts.

Two of the best warriors are sent into the spirit world to save their people and give strength back to the Great Spirit. With mystical weapons and friendly spirits, they must fight against a great evil to discover it's sickness and destroy it. Until they find the entrance, they must follow the smell of death and leave it in their trail.


Multiplayer and Single player


Nature, Native American cultures, Halo, "Elephants on Parade" from the movie Dumbo, Geometry Wars, Evil Dead, Jason and the Argonaughts... and spaghetti pulp westerns and EVERYTHING Ennio Morricone!

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