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Day of Defeat is a 3D-shooter that simulates infantry battle between the adversaries of World War II's European Theatre: The Allies or The Axis. The goal of is to complete various mission objectives.

Players get to choose which side they will fight on and what solder class they will be. There are unique solider classes for the Allies (United States and Great Britain) and the Axis (Germany). Class determines which weapons the player will carry, how fast they will move, and what they will look like.

A round begins with two opposing teams starting simultaneously in their respective spawn area of a map. A round ends when one team accomplishes all of its objectives.

Player casualties become reinforcements which are supplied according to a timer. The reinforcements originate at spawn and can be composed of anywhere from 1 soldier to the entire team. The reinforcement timer is usually between 10-20 seconds, but this time may vary from server to server.

Like other half-life mods, Day of Defeat tracks each player's accomplishment of team objectives, how many enemies each player has killed and how many times each player has died. The game also tallies these statistics for the entire team, this reflects the team's score which is primarily based on objectives.

After many rounds, the game ends when a set time limit expires, and the team with the most objectives achieved is the winning team regardless of kills or casualties, except in the case where both teams have not achieved any objectives or are tied in the objective score. The scoreboard is displayed and the game is restarted, usually with another map. There really is no "The End" to Day of Defeat.

DoD began as a Half-Life 3rd party mod in 2001. Later, the DoD team joined Valve Software and produced a standalone version published through Activision. DoD was officially reseased in May 2003.

Day of Defeat features historical weaponry used in World War II, like the M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, Thompson submachine gun, M3A1 'Greasegun', Springfield M1903A4 Sniper Rifle, Browning Automatic Rifle, .30 Caliber Machine Gun, Karabiner 98k, Karabiner 43, MP40, Sturmgewehr 44, Zweibein, FG42, MG42, Sten Mk II, No4 Mk1 Lee Enfield, Enfield No4(T) Sniper, and Bren Machine Gun.

Solder class determines which weapons the player will initially be using. Each player carries a pistol, a knife or shovel, and a limited amount of ammunition. Players may also use any weapons they pick up from dead soldiers, thus Allied players can employ Axis guns and vise versa.

Day of Defeat Maps

Day of Defeat maps muster scenarios of historical World War II battles requiring teams to control territory and complete objectives. Territorial control scenarios require the players to capture flags at important choke points throughout the map. Objective-based maps take players into battle for mission targets, such as a bridge or German nebelwerfer(artillery) or any other various tactical targets. To achieve most tasks requires the players to use TNT charges at the objective. The many different possible objectives types include "clandistine missions", such as as obtaining secret documents and returning them to headquarters.

Official DoD maps included with the game encompass scenes such as the infamous battle at Omaha Beach (dod_charlie), streetfighting in the Italian city of Salerno during Operation Avalanche (dod_avalanche), and a Glider mission where the American 101st Airborne lands in a WACO Glider and has to destroy such objectives as a radio antenna and Flak 88 anti-aircraft gun (dod_glider).

Custom DoD maps available for download are also frequently constructed and remodeled by independent designers thus creating battles with unlimited missions for players to experience.


Although Day of Defeat is primarily multiplayer online, an offline mode with bots (computer-controlled opponents) can also be played. Popular DoD bots are SturmBOT [1] ( and ShrikeBot [2] (