Dark Territory (Территория тьмы)

Developer: Orion Games
Publisher: Buka Entertainment (RU)

A dynamic and exciting first-person shooter, which is unfolding in Chernozerske - the city, resulting in an extraordinary situation infected strain mutagenic virus. The game has a full two story lines with an individual style of gameplay in each of them. As Andrei Yegorov, soldiers squad specials. destination, you take part in an operation to identify the causes of the disaster, as well as save the city, playing for Gorin - sverhsoldata grown in a secret laboratory under the "Creator"

  • Claustrophobic atmosphere of the blockaded city, kotoromuzhe many years there is no communication with the outside world.
  • Unique models of weapons, not previously encountered in the games.
  • The ability to manage technology occurring in the game.
  • Ability to play as two different characters, creating a unique gameplay for each of them and exposes the two full storyline. Feel like a mutant, possessing nechelovecheskoysiloy, tearing enemies to pieces with your bare hands, or soldier of the elite fighting unit, along with team-mates battle through hordes of monsters and armed opponents.
  • Realistic physics, guaranteed support to the innovative technology from the company AGEIA.