donated by: Keisar Betancourt


The ancient doom prophecies become true, but not the way that many have imagined... A bright spot among the sea of stars attracted astronomers' attention. The studies and observations of the object allowed determining its nature as a class C comet. The first wave of exultation was followed by a surge of panic, as the trajectory calculations revealed high probability of collision with the Earth. The comet has passed in close vicinity from our planet and singed the atmosphere by its tail, raining a meteorite shower upon the surface, bringing death and devastation. As smoke and cinder eventually cleared away revealing cities in ruins and scorched Earth, people witnessed a Catastrophe. Slowly but steadily the restoration began. But meteorites were not just of a dead stone. A new life was emerging around them - an alien life. Aliens began to grow and develop with a great speed, and after a certain incubation period they gradually transformed into some sort of extraneous vermin, which, when contacting a human being, can root into the back of the head in order to gain control of its victim.

As the main character you are about to visit the hottest spots of the crisis, collect information about alien forms and stop the infestation.

Review 1