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Developer/Publisher: ChubGamSoft

Face your worst nightmares in 3-D with this freeware game. The nightmare lives on with a brand new release. Chub Gam 3-D, the Directors Cut, strikes terror into even the most seasoned players with new levels, controversial cinema cut scenes, new characters, additional digital sounds, and more action than ever before. The story: Your Harrier Jump-Jet has crashed in a strange area. Your co-pilot is dead. Your only hope is to follow a voice you hear echoing across the foreign terrain. You are welcomed into Chub's castle, but what does he have in store for you? Encounter waves of enemies and weird characters. Not your usual 3-D corridor shooter! You are ready for anything with an immense array of weaponary at your disposal including: shotguns, machine guns, grenades, missile launchers, chemical weapons (Make sure you strap on the gas mask first...), and more.

Chub Gam 3D is claimed to be one of the earliest freeware first person shooter games. The game features the adventures of a Harrier jet pilot after his plane crashes and is invited in by the eccentric creatures Chub and Rex. However, rather than settling down for the night as asked, the pilot discovers Rex's shocking secret project. The game is claimed to have won no awards, a traceable one being its inclusion as one of MPI World's "Top 52 Free Games of '98". A director's cut was later released by ChubGamSoft with several improvements, including cutscenes. and it was supposedly sold in Brazil.


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