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TFTW: #10 Best Worst Video Game

Life on the Earth is possible but not easy. Large cities are afflicted by poverty and suburbs are completely controlled by the local gangs. It is 44 years since the first colony has risen on the surface of the red planet - Mars. Chaser is an agent of a security agency who was badly hurt in a cover operation and partially lost his memory. He doesn't know why the military commando wants to eliminate him, why he is on the black lists of several gangs, why people around him are dying, but he is determined to discover answers for those questions.

You become Chaser. That is the beginning of a journey full of incredible action. Imagine whistling bullets of the commando guns that hunt you. Chaos on the damaged space shuttle which is falling down while you are trying to find an escape module. Sounds of shots and smashing windows during the gang fights. Battlecry of mercenaries when you are trying to escape with their hostage. Tense atmosphere in the night operation in which you and the auxiliary paratroops are conquering a weapon depot. Creaking of massive steal structures and mechanisms during an assault of the transport ship in a deck. Fights at an orbital station and in the underground shafts on Mars where incautious shots can cause your death. The whole atmosphere is intensified with the effective flashbacks when forgotten memories come to Chaser's mind.




SP demo
MP demo
Patch 1.5
Map pack