Born To Fire

Welcome to the War

Set in a world of neverending war, "Born to Fire" is a class-based MMOFPS. Sometime in the future, the US and the Russian Federation have become embroiled in a all-out conflict with no rules, no mercy, and no end in sight. As a soldier in this war, you have only one choice - you kill your enemy, or your enemy kills you.

Class-Oriented FPS:

Choose from 5 unique classes, each with a distinctive arsenal and individualized tactics. Whether you're a long-range or short-range player, a shotgun specialist or a headshot artist, a medic or a tank, Born to Fire has the perfect class for your play style.

Robust Customization Options:

With six individual customization slots, your character looks exactly the way you want it to look. From hats to sunglasses to boots to uniforms, you can kill your enemies - and look good doing it.

Shooting Range:

An easy to use shooting range with endless dummy targets allows you to test any weapon you find. Don't go in battle unprepared - use the shooting range to determine weapon spread, damage, recoil, and maximize your killing potential.

Easy-to-use Replay Feature:

A built-in compact replay feature gives you the option to view your past matches from any angle imaginable. Get the drop on your opponents by seeing their hiding spots and their strategies. Find out what tactics worked for you and didn't. And when it's all over, upload your .avi files to Youtube - let the whole world watch you dominate your enemy.




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