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Blacklight: Tango Down

Blacklight: Tango Down is a multiplayer-focused and fast-paced first person shooter based in a new fictional universe called Blacklight that will be available through digital download in summer 2010. Utilizing the cutting-edge graphical power of Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3, Blacklight: Tango Down's near-future setting is brought to life with disturbingly detailed old-world architecture that appears both futuristically alien as well as hauntingly familiar.

Blacklight: Tango Down will deliver some of the most exciting multiplayer action in the shooter category and features numerous gameplay modes, including traditional formats like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch & Control Point, cooperative play, and other modes that will be announced in the build up to launch. In addition, Blacklight: Tango Down will set itself apart with its incredibly deep customization, where players can alter and upgrade their character through experience gained on the battlefield, as well as their weapons. New weapon customizations will unlock as the player gains experience points and will include basic add-ons like sniper scopes as well as complex enhancements, such as items that improve accuracy.

When it comes to first rate shooters, it is all about finding the weapons that best suit each individual gamer. In Blacklight: Tango Down, the highly anticipated downloadable FPS from Ignition Entertainment, this concept is taken to an unheard of level. The game delivers unlimited adaptability and variety of gameplay through its staggering weapon customization system that allows for trillions of different configurations (the statisticians are still jamming at the algorithms to come up with the most accurate number). What does this mean to gamers – a never-before-seen AAA quality gaming experience that until now could only be found in retail copies.

While the Blacklight: Tango Down weapon customization is truly groundbreaking, it is important to recognize that it is firmly grounded in reality -- as it is based on the core weapons that our soldiers have been using since the 1960’s. The system revolves around utilizing one of five core weapons receivers --- such as an SMG or Shotgun – as a base and then customizing that base with modified barrels, stocks, and weapons tags to increase the effectiveness of the weapon through increased accuracy, faster running speed, and a decrease in weapon kickback. Gamers are going to have to decide how to modify the weapon and how much as they choose from a staggering 152 million different primary weapon combinations, 157,248 secondary weapon combinations, and 312 character model/camouflage combinations.

While trillions of weapon combinations may sound intimidating, Blacklight: Tango Down ensures that new players will be able to hit the ground shooting with preset weapon configurations. Ensuring a more level playing field, the preset allow players to employ the weaponry as if or they can further customize them to their own play style. As the player climbs ranks in the game whey will continue to unlock presets for each weapon receiver which offer a number of new attachments that the player can use in any way he wants.

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