donated by: Keisar Betancourt

Developer/Publisher: Davilex
Engine: Quake 2

Amsterdoom, a first person shooter game localized for the Dutch market, contains recognizable locations and ingredients from Amsterdam. The game comes without any blood or gore. Because of it's status as a fun-shooter and it's simple level design it's also suitable for non-hardcore gamers. The plot? Aliens have invaded the city of Amsterdam and it's your mission to stop them...

This millenium finally saw happening what mankind feared for decades... Alien forces landed on Schiphol and the city of Amsterdam. Central Station, the Dam, the Red Light district, the National Museam en Schiphol are under control of these hostile aliens. The UN takes immediate action and evacuates the city, but is powerless to defeat these Grøbbers. Power shields have been raised around the city by these creatures and there's no way in... until one possibility is found, one chance, for a hero that can save Amsterdam from the alien invasion, and you are that hero!

(translated) The player has purple aliens (Grøbers) Disable Amsterdam conquered. Return he gets five weapons. The player visits several "real" sites in Amsterdam, including the Rijksmuseum , the red light district , Madame Tussauds and the Central Station .

Although there is no blood in Amsterdam Doom occurs and no people are killed, in 2000 there was still some controversy about the game. The director of the Amsterdam service Stadstoezicht criticized the fact that some aliens were dressed as wardens.

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