Developer: Windward Mark Interactive

Alliance. The Silent War. An epic adventure that will take you across three continents and through ninety years of global warfare.

Your journey begins in the Russian trenches of WW1, and will take you through the 20th century's most notorious conflicts. Your allegiance will be to no country, and to no gneral. You will topple governments, spark revolutions, and maniuplate the course of histry - all to defeat an enemy that will stop at nothing to gain world control.

They will never stop in their fight for power. And neither will you.

  • The WarStudio: As you battle through the 20th century's bloodiest wars, you will need guns. And a lot of them.
    With the WarStudio, Alliance's unique weapons database system, you will be able to search through a massive database of over 200 real-world infantry rifles, carbines, submachineguns, shotguns, sidearms, and anti-tank weapons. Using over two dozen search parameters, including country of origin, date of production, effective rante, and ballistic profile, you will be able to study every possible choice, and make the most lethal decsion for the battle at hand. From WWI bolt actions to advanced composite bullpups, and from turn-of-the-century revolvers to tactical assault pistols, The WarStudio will ensure you are armed and ready for the war ahead.
  • The Alliance Engine: Your journey will be powered by The Alliance Engine, the most photorealistic game engine ever created. Built on Windward Mark Interactive's patent-pending WindLight Technology, The Alliance Engine is the first to offer full-scene universal lighting. Every element in the world from battle weary soldiers to the rusted vehicles of war, is lit using global lighting that accurately simulates the behavior of the sun and the outdoors.
    The towering spires of Eastern Europe, the stonework of industrial Berlin, the sun-baked streets of Cuba, all basked in photorealistic light. For the first time ever, cities are presented in the richest hues of sunset and the deepest blues of the midday sky. Physically-correct sunlight, changing cloud cover, dynamic shadows, and shifting weather conditions all combine to make your journey breathtakingly real.
  • "What-If" Multiplayer Scenarios: Could a WWI Czech rifle platoon defeat a six-man S.E.A.L. team from 1987? What about a patrol of Batista's Cuban regulars against a squad of elite Egyptian Guard? With over 90 years of history and over 200 weapons to chose from, Alliance will allow you to play out thesse "what-if" scenarios through its rich multiplayer gaming system. Create custom WarStudio loadouts and server-side game options, and allow your friends to duel it out in historically accurate war recreations, and vastly unhistorical combat challenges. AK-47s vs. Mausers, Lee-Enfields vs. MP5s... the choices for war will be yours and yours alone to make.