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Aliens: Colonial Marines

Developer: Check Six Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Engine: Unreal 3

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Most Disappointing Game Nominee - GameTrailers' (2013)

In Aliens: Colonial Marines, players are part of a United States Colonial Marine squad and must prepare to face an Aliens assault more intense and horrific than ever before. Driven by a compelling and original story penned by renowned writers Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, Aliens: Colonial Marines will retain the atmospheric look and feel of the original films while leveraging next-generation technology to create an entirely new interactive Aliens experience.

Packing classic Aliens weaponry ranging from pulse rifles to flamethrowers as well as brand-new equipment and skills all within a squad-based combat system, players will become an elite United States Colonial Marine. Featuring claustrophobic environments, a brooding soundtrack, and a multitude of surprises and shocks, players will battle against menacing alien hordes in strikingly detailed levels that include the stark interiors of the abandoned Sulaco and unique environments created specifically for the game.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will feature a story driven single-player mode and an all-new four player co-op mode allowing players to share the chilling experience with three friends. In co-op mode, each player will assume the persona of a United States Colonial Marine and have a distinct role to play in the completion of every mission. Additionally, more multiplayer modes will be revealed later in the year that will complete the Aliens video game experience.

"Aliens: Colonial Marines, designed as an interactive successor to the landmark films from Twentieth Century Fox, is a dream project about which our studio is deeply committed and passionate.

Return to one of the all-time best Sci-Fi universes ever created. As a squad leader in the Colonial Marine Corps, you command a squad of battle-hardened marines to unlock the origins of the Xenomorph alien species. You will experience heart-pounding action where the wits and skills of you and your squad are your only means to survive the terror of the alien threat.

The story picks up where Aliens left off and parallels the time period of Alien3. You are in command of an elite squad of Colonial Marines sent to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the unit that was sent to the LV-426 colony before you. Discovering that this force was wiped out, you will have to uncover and defeat the alien threat with the help of your unit of Colonial Marines.

Each member of your unit has specific skills, abilities and personalities that will enable you to overcome any obstacle in your way. Your unit will consist of veterans as well as rookies and they will react during battle accordingly. Veterans will stand and fight while rookies may turn and run without the proper motivation. As the squad leader, you hold their lives in your hand. With advanced squad-based gameplay, you can set up 4-man formations and issue commands on the fly.

Your team is fully equipped with state of the art weapons. Engage the enemy with a deadly and powerful arsenal including pulse rifles, flamethrowers, grenades and even smart guns with auto-targeting ammunition.

Stay frosty as aliens wait in ambush, attacking from levels above and below, often catching the players team unaware. You will encounter face-huggers, chest-bursters, synthetics, soldier aliens as well as never-before-seen aliens.

Aliens: Colonial Marines features advanced lighting and particle effects that create a visually stunning landscape. Spanning 5 vast environments ranging from the USS Sulaco to a remote alien planet, Aliens: Colonial Marines delivers an immersive and action packed experience.

Electronic Arts first announced Aliens: Colonial Marines back in May 2001 and it was going to be released in Autumn of that year. The game itself was a first-person squad-based shooter and you could play as one person from a group of colonial marines sent to investigate the disappearance of the squad that accompanied Sigourney Weaver's Ripley character to the planet LV426 in the second Alien film. Aliens: Colonial Marines is broken into levels and is mission-based. There are three main acts in the game, and each one is composed of about seven levels. The first act takes place on board the Sulaco and according to Electronic Arts' press materials for the game, they hint that the final act will take place on the aliens' home planet. The game's weapons should be familiar to anyone who's watched one of the Alien films. There are flamethrowers, pulse rifles with grenade-launcher attachments, and the shoulder-mounted smart gun. As for the aliens themselves, the creators promise that, besides the now-standard creatures (face-hugger, chestburster, soldier alien, and the queen and her praetorian guard), we'll see "more than two new types.

Why It Was Cancelled

In April 2002, EA confirmed the game was coming out in November 2002 but a month or so later, EA said that the game was on hold and was no longer being developed. Electronic Arts officially cancelled the game in October 2002 and said "there were no plans to pick up its development in the future". The official reason as to why it was cancelled is still not known but according to another source, the game "failed to attain a satisfactory gameplay experience." Make of that what you will but I think it's because the PS2 wasn't powerful enough to run it. As stated in an IGN article, the game had a slow frame-rate at E3 and I'm guessing the developers couldn't solve that problem which is why it was cancelled.

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