7554 is the first major video game for international audiences from a Vietnamese developer. It is a first person shooter game which set during the Franco-Vietnamese War of 1946-1954. The name 7554 comes from the historic date, 7 May 1954, on which the French Colonist expeditionary army in Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam surrendered to the Vietnam People’s Army.

Main characters

The main characters are Nguyễn Thế Vinh (a heavy weapons specialist), Hoàng Đăng Bình (explosives), marksman Lưu Trọng Hà and anti-aircraft specialist Hoàng Đăng An.


Vietnamese company Emobi Games' began the project in October 2008 and early on did not widely publicise it. A working report on the 7554 of the 7554 design team was announced in a short video on April 1, 2010. Because it came out on April fool’s day, many people did not believe that it had been a real project. The first trailer of the project - which officially admitted the existence of the 7554 - was widely announced on May 7, 2010. A demonstration of the project was shown in September 2010. Another official trailer of the 7554 was introduced in June 2011.