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WWII. Operation top secret. Mission Destroy secret enemy compound!
1943 as an allied agent you must not fail!

Covert Ops is a 3D first person shooter which takes place in the midst of WWII Germany. As an Allied Soldier, your goal is to carry out a top secret mission to detect and destroy an underground facility and to stop the German scientist from building the A bomb.

16 levels of unparalleled action and stunning graphics will take you through some of the most intense scenes of battle on a mobile handset to date.

Micazook’s Advance 3D Blade engine brings unbelievable realism to the next generation of mobile games.


Motoroloa Demo (224 kb)
Nokia Demo (1.49 Mb)
Sagem Demo (200 kb)
Samsung Demo (425 kb)
Sony/Ericsson Demo (801 kb)