iPhone | donated by: Keisar Betancourt

Hell on Earth 2 logo

Developer: iKreeda Games

Hell on Earth is also known as Hell on Earth 2 because Doom 2 was officially titled "Doom 2: Hell on Earth".

Welcome to hell! After fighting the demons back in Mars as a part of an elite team of space marines you are being teleported to back to Earth, only to find that it too has fallen victim to the hellish invasion, leaving billions of people dead. You are all that stands between future of humanity and demons from hell. So what are you waiting soldier?

Welcome 3D FPS fans! Get ready to play "Hell on Earth II", a new 3D FPS based on a popular Doom community project FreeDoom. A unique and awesome 3D FPS with 26 awesome game levels and an original new set of enemies.

We have deliberately retained the original Doom iPhone interface look and feel with our own artwork so the fans will feel comfortable with this Doom community project.

Single player mode:
Fight through 26 levels/missions as you defend earth from the demons from hell.

Multiplayer mode:
Play against your friends in the Deathmatch mode or team up with your friends to defeat the demons from hell as an elite team of space marines in the Cooperative mode.